Safety for two- and four-legged hikers

Safety for two- and four-legged hikers

“Hiking with dogs”

You would like to take your dog along on your hike? Good idea. Our four-legged companions love nature and will be delighted to accompany you. However, please bear in mind that the areas you hike through – the forests, meadows, and pastures – are home to all sorts of wildlife. There is always a risk of encountering animals in the wild as well as grazing livestock.

As a general rule, dogs should be kept on a lead at all times. Other people use the trails as well and might feel uncomfortable when faced with dogs off the lead. Wildlife and grazing animals see dogs as wolves, i.e. as a threat.

Where encounters with grazing animals are unavoidable, please follow these instructions.

  • Pass the herd swiftly (don’t run) and calmly, at a safe distance
  • Avoid direct contact
  • Don’t approach the herd directly
  • Keep the animals within your line of vision and monitor their behaviour
  • Be particularly careful around cows with calves
  • Have a wooden stick ready


How to prepare for hikes with your dog:
  • Have adequate equipment at the ready and keep your dog on a lead.
  • Check whether the route you have chosen is suitable for dogs.
  • Get information beforehand on:
    • Streams and drinking facilities
    • Shady areas / sources of shade
    • Rest points
    • Wildlife / grazing animals
  • Ensure that your dog follows your commands



If a threatening situation does arise:

  •  Keep calm and retreat slowly
  •  Do not turn your back on the grazing livestock
  •  In case of danger (i.e. cow snorts, approaches at speed), let the dog off the lead
  •  If the animal shows signs of aggression, attempt to ward it off using a wooden stick
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